Source of Yellow is Nawi Avila, Nick Hasty, and Peter Kerlin.

“Source of Yellow; a Brooklyn trio consisting of bass, drums, sax, and a plethora of electronics and assorted sound generators are a true beacon of light in the seemingly eternal talentless night that has fallen on the NYC music scene. Combining metronomically precise krautboogie ur-rhythms with walls of textured electronics and sparse inventive sax playing Source of Yellow play music that would have been right at home on both the Brain and ESP-Disk record labels. They are indebted to the great innovators of free music’s past without cannibalizing them, blazing a new direction away from the necrophillic tendencies of modern music.” – Avant Ghetto

Self-Titled LP (2010, self-released)
The Said EP (2012, Twin Lakes records, press release)

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