A collaboration with Justin Downs and Florica Vlad, the Sola-System is a solar powered boombox inspired by dub sounds systems from 1960′s Jamaica. It’s a portable and 100% green amplification solution perfect for outdoor fun. Just plug-in your ipod, aim the panel at the sun, and enjoy.

The outside housing is made of birch and sealed with a water-based polyurethane to make it water resistant. It is designed to allow personal modification and customization. The over all dimensions of this model are 36″x19″x5″. The center panel swivels to allow angling the panel for maximum exposure to the sun’s rays.

The hardware consists of a large, 17-watt solar panel paired with a capacitor to drive a class D amplifier and two 10 watt speakers. Also features an MP3 charger and AM/FM Radio.


20 Watt output
HardWood Housing
AM/FM radio
mp3/Ipod charger
1/8″ jack (for mp3 and radio)
1/4″ jack (for audio equip/guitar)