While living in Athens, Ga, I played drums, mallet percussion, and electronics in a band called Iron Hero with Sam Gunn, Jimmy Taylor, Thomas Wilcox, Ben Simpson, a mop monster that spits lightening, and Lawson Grice. Here’s an interview we did we Flagpole Magzine.

In Summer 2006, Iron Hero released Safe as Houses. The album was also released in Europe by Germany based Stagnation records. It was well-received by critics:

A chilly blend of wispy vocals, dark, poetic lyrics, and echoing, reverbed guitars over tight percussion, Iron Hero’s sound is a taste of sheer shogaze-rock bliss - Paste Magazine, October 2006

The music is often startlingly beautiful – awe-inspiring in the same way Hubble photographs portray an unfamiliar universe - Delusions of Adequacy

For a six-piece, the sound is surprisingly lean and muscular, with the rhythm section taking a prominent role in giving the songs an intoxicatingly propulsive character -Tiny Mix Tapes

These are dark, intricate songs born of post-punk mothers and synthesizer dads…Safe As Houses is a record with plenty of appeal for those willing to submerge themselves within its depths - Cokemachineglow

A thoroughly immersive listening experience that worms its way into your inner ear with nary a struggle-IGN.com

These songs could be huge and epic, but that might leave them feeling colder than they should be. Here they have just the right size and shape to keep you warm - The Big Takeover, Fall 2006

Iron Hero achieves genuinely cathartic moments so gradually and naturally that the listener only realizes it once the music has stopped -indieworkshop.com

—You can buy the album at Ampcamp.comAthensMusic.comAmazon.comiTunes, and eMusic.com