The EM Brace is a wearable device for physically engaging with the ambient electromagnetic radiation emitted by computers and other consumer electronics and electrical systems in general. The goal of this project is to make palpable and audible the hidden the invisible electromagnetic frequencies permeating everyday being, the same frequencies which provide the main transmission medium for radio, SMS text messaging, visible light, wireless internet connections and that radiate outwardly from any object with an active electrical current.

The device transforms electronically emitted electromagnetic signals into low-frequency audio waves that are used to vibrate the body via a homemade amplifier and tactile tansducer mounted within an wearable metallic enclosure. The EMF signals are picked up by through induction via antenna’s built within the device’s gloves. That signal is then sent to a custom pre-amp circuit and then into 25-watt class D amplifier before being output into a “bass shaker” speaker/transducer. The sound waves from the speaker then vibrate the entire device, and shaking the device’s wearer in the process.

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